Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Composition Numero Uno

One think I noticed quite recently. Not noticed, rediscovered, is that human interaction is the single most vital and necessary aspect of life. It effects everything we feel. Everything we do. It effects who we are.

Human interaction can build a life the size of the Pyramids, or crumble it in to a ruin greater than those of Pompeii. Although I often feel weary of the ruining aspect, I love those small, building moments that can honestly and truly carry on with you for the rest of your life. I have been blessed with many of these.

There are, a special brand of these building moments that have proven to be the most powerful of all. Those involving an unwavering, never failing thing called love. They can happen with a stranger or a best friend, but those are the kind I have found to last forever. The kind that stick with you until the day of passing.

Life is just a compilation of all these interactions. The building and the ruining. The making and the breaking. We, however are the ones who get to choose how they affect us. Every interaction can be a building one. We are humans, though, and we feel pain and sorrow, so it is only inevitable that we will take interactions as ruin. Even ones that were meant to build us up.

It's so incredible how the exchange with a complete stranger can change the course of your life, or the way that you think. This has happened to me a few times in the past twelve months. It even seems that the horrible communications I have had with people have led to the most brilliant up lifting moments with others.

I feel blessed. Blessed to know you, whoever you are, dear reader. I hope your interaction with what I have had to say will build you up.

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