Sunday, September 12, 2010

Beauteous and bohemian world.

The mountains today were as clear as my bay.
I could see each individual tree, and the shadows of them all.
I could see each individual speck of dirt.
I could reach out and touch and feel the mountain.
Grasping hold of it, clinging for dear life as it helped me ignite.
The view was breathtaking and unreal. Surreal. Impossible.
Pristine. The definition of clarity and perfection.
Beauty in it's raw and original form.
Every day I seem to make, more love for these mountains.
They help me to create, to initiate.
To introduce.
To make the juice, flow.

It used to be the water.
The sparkle of the sun resonating in my soul,
reflecting off the ocean.
Sand and coast.
Bridges and ferries.
Canyons of skyscrapers.
Large gray towers of business.
Large gray construction sites.
Large gray attitudes.
Beautiful in it's element.
And beauty could always be found with in the large gray everything
And surrounding the large gray everything.
I loved and love the large gray everything.
But now I know there's more.
Red rock canyons.
Crisp, clean air.
Splendid raucous waterfalls
Serene streams.
Sun and
clarity, clarity, clarity.

The scent of barbecue, and
Rich cabernet sauvignon, and
the late midnight breeze as I sit on the balcony.
Small, soft white lights
The sound of a drum, of a guitar, of beautiful voice and song.
Velvety, etherial, depth awakens with these triggers.

Praising the universe for my never ending
For the people.
The places.
For the education.
For the recreation.
The relaxation.
And the love.

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